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Little brief: I'm using AngularJs with Meteor+Blade without using Meteor_angularjs package for meteor. Blade constructs the body of the page in the server then I manually bootstrap angular in the client.

Blade has template files available under Template['template_name'] so they can be easily rendered on the client. I would like to do something like:

// HTML => <div ng-include='content.blade'></div>

and somehow make it work.
To keep compatibility and not creating new directives I thought it could be possible to intercept the XHR requests angular makes to static templates and add the condition

if(URI ends with '.blade') then
    name <- strip '.blade' in URI
    return Template[name]()

Which should return the compiled HTML for that template.

Coincidentally I ran into $templateCache and now I think it's the way to go.
I created a 'ngMeteor' module that I'll use for meteor-angular integration.

angular.module 'ngMeteor',[], ->
  throw 'Meteor object undefined.' unless Meteor? # Is it fine to put here?

  run ($templateCache) ->
    $templateCache.put "#{name}.blade", render() for own name, render of Template

In my app:

angular.element(document).ready ->
  angular.bootstrap document, ['app']

app = angular.module 'app', ['ngMeteor.blade'], ->
app.controller 'mainCtrl', ($scope,$templateCache) ->
  $scope.content = $templateCache.get "content.blade" # Works!!


#main(ng-controller='mainCtrl') {{ content }}

Now it works, I can get the rendered template from the controller after injecting $templateCache and geting the template by its name but ng-include still won't work.

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Let's see if I can finally have my perfect Angular+Meteor+CoffeeScript+Blade+Stylus combo working –  olanod Feb 4 '13 at 14:27

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My previous update in the question was actually the correct answer, ngInclude didn't work for me because of div(ng-include="'content.blade'") ... yes, the inner quotes! its like the Nth time I have that problem.
In resume the answer is:

  run ($templateCache) ->
    $templateCache.put "#{name}.blade", render() for own name, render of Template

Template is the meteor global variable where blade will store templates ready to be rendered, then with $templateCache I put the rendered templates with the corresponding names/ids, that way Angular can use them.
EDIT: Based on this question I created a meteor package ng-meteor for braceless angular development in meteor.

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