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I have these in 1.txt:

Modified Reference MM-EE-145 by:
Reference MM-EE-145
Reference S1-123-BCD :
Reference S43-FF-F3-SMY_3 :
Reference PB-xx-xx

So, I need to grep the matches starting with Reference -whateverhere- and ending with ':'

 grep '^Reference' 1.txt 

But in the matches I also get lines without the ':' and I don't need those.

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Add .*:$ in order to match lines ending with :, like this:

$ grep "^Reference.*:$" file
Reference S1-123-BCD :
Reference S43-FF-F3-SMY_3 :
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Works perfectly ! Thank you ! –  hlx Feb 4 '13 at 14:44


grep "^Reference.*:$" 1.txt

the :$ bit is where you tell grep that you only want the lines that end with a colon.

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Great, thank you for the explanation ! –  hlx Feb 4 '13 at 14:45

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