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Is there any performance penalty to using Windows Azure SQL Database (formerly known as SQL Azure) from within a Windows Azure VM hosted web app? I would like to know if the performance of this is any worse than using Azure SQL database from a website running on Azure reserved instance. The assumption in both scenarios is that Azure SQL Database is deployed in the same region as the app.

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There should not be any difference with respect to utilization of SQL Azure

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As @Igorek pointed out, there's no difference (assuming same data center) between using a Virtual Machine and a Website for accessing Windows Azure SQL. That said: One thing that may not be so obvious is that, today, Virtual Machines (and Cloud Services) support XL instances (meaning 800Mbps on the NIC) vs Websites, which are currently limited to Large reserved instances (400Mbps). So... if you're moving a considerable amount of data, you'll get better throughput with an XL Virtual Machine vs. a Large Website instance.

I realize this is an edge case, but just thought I'd throw it out there...

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