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I am using Campaign Monitor API to send emails. The API allows to create a templated email through a method called create_from_template(). As the doc says, I need to add some formatted parameters. Here's what the campaign monitor create_from_template() method implements:

     * Creates a new campaign from a template based on the info provided.
     * At least on of the ListIDs and Segments parameters must be provided
     * @param string $client_id The client to create the campaign for
     * @param array $campaign_info The campaign information to use during creation.
     *     This array should be of the form
     *     array(
     *         'Subject' => string required The campaign subject
     *         'Name' => string required The campaign name
     *         'FromName' => string required The From name for the campaign
     *         'FromEmail' => string required The From address for the campaign
     *         'ReplyTo' => string required The Reply-To address for the campaign
     *         'ListIDs' => array<string> optional An array of list ids to send the campaign to
     *         'SegmentIDs' => array<string> optional An array of segment ids to send the campaign to
     *         'TemplateID' => string required The ID of the template to use
     *         'TemplateContent' => array required The content which will be used to fill the editable areas of the template
     *     )
     * @access public
     * @return CS_REST_Wrapper_Result A successful response will be the ID of the newly created campaign
    function create_from_template($client_id, $campaign_info)
        return $this->post_request($this->_base_route . 'campaigns/' . $client_id . '/fromtemplate.json', $campaign_info);

thus I gave as $campaign_info parameter

        $list = array($list_id);
        $data = array(
            'Name' => $name_string,
            'Subject' => $subject_string,
            'FromName' => $some_name,
            'FromEmail' => "contact@email.org",
            'ReplyTo' => "contact@email.org",
            'ListIDs' => $list_id,
            'SegmentIDs' => array(),
            'TemplateID' => 'a6dd1168417a6d7d7f94da70c3cafe15'
            'TemplateContent' => array(
                                       'Singlelines' => array('Content' => $a_string ,
                                                              'Href' =>  $a_href
                                        'Multilines' => array('Content' => $content
                                        'Images' => array('Content' => $some_url,
                                                          'Href' => $some_href,


But when launching my api post request to campaign's monitor server, I keep on having a message :

object(CS_REST_Wrapper_Result)#32 (2) { ["response"]=> object(stdClass)#29 (2) { ["Code"]=> int(400) ["Message"]=> string(110) "Failed to deserialize your request. Please check the documentation and try again. Fields in error: campaign" } ["http_status_code"]=> int(400) }

Does anybody knows where it could come from ?

Edit: If I pass these parameters

$template_content = array(
  'Singlelines' => array(),
  'Multilines' => array(),
  'Images' => array(),
  'Repeaters' => array()

and then in the array $data 'TemplateContent' => $template_content, everything works fine, but when I add some parameters, it won't work

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It seems the request is supposed to be json encoded. Have you tried wrapping the array in json_encode() before passing it to the create_from_template method? – Chris Hanson Feb 4 '13 at 15:09
@ChrisHanson, See my edit, it seems it can understand the array formatting – user1611830 Feb 4 '13 at 15:24
@ChrisHanson : In fact i manage to do that using for 'TemplateContent' entries nested arrays => array(array('Content'=> $content,..)), – user1611830 Feb 4 '13 at 15:38

G'day user1611830,

As per the sample in the github repo, each of Singlelines, Multilines, and Images needs to be an array of arrays.

And it would be best to include an empty array for Repeaters.

So you're probably looking for something like this (apologies if i'm missing any parentheses, but as long as you wrap each of Singlelines, Multilines, and Images in another array() you should be right:

$template_content = array(
    'Singlelines' => array(
            'Content' => $a_string,
            'Href' =>  $a_href
    'Multilines' => array(
        array('Content' => $content)
    'Images' => array(
            'Content' => $some_url,
            'Href' => $some_href,
    'Repeaters' => array()
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