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I'm setting up a project where i wish to use the same codeigniter system + share some common models, libraries and even config files between the different websites.

I have put my system folder and a shrunk in application folder in docs/include/codeigniter and i define the path for the system folder in the index file of every website. I figure, that in order to use the models, libraries and config files from this application folder, i should use the add_package_path() function from http://ellislab.com/codeigniter/user-guide/libraries/loader.html.

But where can i put this call to make sure that it loads as early as possible? I would like to be able to even share the autoload.php config file, but if i call this method in the constructor of the index controller i will receive an error, because CI needs to use some of the config files before starting to load controllers.

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If that's the case, make them one application & use folders + routes to manage it as if it was two applications. There's no point of writing two applications if you're going to re-use all the stuffs from the first one. – ahmad Feb 4 '13 at 23:50
@tereško: You are generally right and I would have chosen this solution too, but sometimes (as it happened to me) you just don't get to write the code from the beginning. – Adam Libuša Nov 4 '13 at 13:52

I don't know the solution using add_package_path(), but this could work:


Firstly, check out application/config/autoload.php for $autoload['config'].

If it for some reason does not suit your purposes: The CodeIgniter config files are also just PHP files. So you can make your own common_config.php file and then just use require '../some_common_folder/common_config.php'; in the configuration files of your CodeIgniter projects.


Again, see application/config/autoload.php for $autoload['model'].

You can also define your own function __autoload($classname) {} in the index.php file of each of your CodeIgniter projects, where you can load/require/include whatever you want.

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