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I cannot find this specific question being addressed, so I'll ask it here: I cannot seem to get a dynamc parameter to be the position 0 parameter. When I try, it seems as though the first static parameter defined at position 1 will promote or inherit position 0 and the dynamic parameter defined for position 0 is then added afterward at the next available position (position 1):


    Function foo {
        Param (
        DynamicParam {
            $mand = $script:x -eq $null -or `
                $script:x -eq [string]::Empty -or `

            $attrs = New-Object System.Management.Automation.ParameterAttribute;
            $attrs.ParameterSetName = "set1";
            $attrs.Mandatory = $mand;
            $attrs.Position = 0;

            $attrCollection = New-Object `

            $FilePath = New-Object System.Management.Automation.RuntimeDefinedParameter `
                "FilePath", string, $attrCollection;

            $paramDictionary = New-Object `
            $paramDictionary.Add("FilePath", $FilePath);

        Begin {
            if ( $FilePath.Value -eq $null -or $FilePath.Value -eq [string]::Empty) {
                $FilePath.Value = $script:x;
            } else {
                $script:x = $FilePath.Value;
            Write-Output ("(foo)        FilePath: {0}" -f $FilePath.Value);
            Write-Output ("(foo) RequireFilePath: {0}" -f $RequireFilePath.IsPresent);
            Write-Output ("(foo)        script:x: {0}" -f $script:x);
        Process {
            Write-Output ("(foo)     InputObject: {0}" -f $InputObject);
        End {

    foo "filename2.txt" "zxcv";

When executed, I get this:

    (foo)        FilePath: zxcv
    (foo) RequireFilePath: False
    (foo)        script:x: zxcv
    (foo)     InputObject: filename2.txt

I suppose my expectation was that the dynamic parameter was going to be position 0 and the static parameter was going to be position 1. Can anybody weigh in on this? Is it possible to have a dynamic parameter be defined to be at a postion lower than (earlier than) a static parameter?

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Another approach that worked for me is to set the PositionalBinding argument of the CmdletBinding attribute to $False. Then if only the dynamic parameters have a Position set, then they get the positional values set correctly.

This of course assumes that you don't want any of the static parameters to have a position.

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After playing around with this a little bit, I discovered that adding the ValueFromRemainingArguments Parameter Attribute to the $InputObject parameter seems to get closest to the desired behavior; however, I am not entirely sure why.

    Param (...
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