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I try to build an app which captures frames from iPhone camera and does some processing with these frames. I tried some pieces of codes found on the Internet, e.g. here: How to capture image without displaying preview in iOS

and I ended up with the following piece of code:

    AVCaptureConnection *videoConnection = nil;
    for (AVCaptureConnection *connection in stillImageOutput.connections)
        for (AVCaptureInputPort *port in [connection inputPorts])
            if ([[port mediaType] isEqual:AVMediaTypeVideo] )
                videoConnection = connection;
        if (videoConnection) { break; }

    //  NSLog(@"about to request a capture from: %@", stillImageOutput);
    [stillImageOutput captureStillImageAsynchronouslyFromConnection:videoConnection completionHandler: ^(CMSampleBufferRef imageSampleBuffer, NSError *error)
         CFDictionaryRef exifAttachments = CMGetAttachment( imageSampleBuffer, kCGImagePropertyExifDictionary, NULL);
         if (exifAttachments)
             // Do something with the attachments.
             NSLog(@"attachements: %@", exifAttachments);
             NSLog(@"no attachments");

         NSData *imageData = [AVCaptureStillImageOutput jpegStillImageNSDataRepresentation:imageSampleBuffer];
         UIImage *image = [[UIImage alloc] initWithData:imageData];

         //  do the processing with the image       

However, the app never gets into the handler code block of the captureStillImageAsynchronouslyFromConnection method so I never get the image from the frame. Am I doing something in a wrong way? Thanks for your suggestions!

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You might check if your AVCaptureSession is still running. If you end it to early, your completionHandler never gets called. – Boris Prohaska Feb 4 '13 at 16:21

I've discovered that the pointer to AVCaptureSession doesn't get retained properly by AVCaptureStillImageOutput in Automatic-Reference-Counting mode.

This means you have two options:

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You might want to check the NSError *error parameter. It gives you information about the picture being successfully taken. AVFoundation error codes are here. I hope this helps.

Also you might want to read about this, where he explains having session code at same place could lead to problems.

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