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I'm pretty new here. I'm trying to use the emit function in this case with no luck :(.

Server Side:

socket.on('newUser', function(msg){
    ConnectedSockets ++;
    var player;
    player = new Player();

    player.CreatePlayer(msg.id, msg.name, msg.status);
        sockets[socket.id] = socket;

        for(i in sockets){
            var myVar=sockets[i].name;
            socket.emit('listing',{name: myVar} );
}) ;

Client Side:

socket.on('listing', function(msg){ 
    $('#list').val($('#list').val() + "\n"+msg.name);
}) ;    

When I send newUser event on node.js console, no messages appear in response. If I write sys.puts("socket name:"+ myVar) in the for cycle, all the socket names appear as I expected.

Why the client doesn't receive any answer (no error message or any kind of warning)? :)

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Problematic line:


In Socket.io socket.id has a predefined value, and it must not be changed. That caused the error.

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