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I have a Windows form project(vs2010 - were on a page load an url is loaded into a web browser control. The user then fills in around 6 pages of forms within the control. Once they get to the end of the forms then they click a button on the windows form to continue.

What this is meant to do is the following:

For Each dElement As HtmlElement In iqbrowser.Document.GetElementsByTagName("p")
        If dElement.InnerText.Contains("(Saved Quotation Identifier ") Then
            rqid = dElement.InnerText.ToString
        End If

however once the button is clicked no elements are found? It is like the control has lost focus. I have tried .focus, .select, .bringtofront but no dice! Anyone have any ideas?

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Can we see the HTML of the Form? It'd be easier to help you. – Hanlet Escaño Feb 4 '13 at 23:14

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Not to worry, the issue was that the html was in a frame which I forgot about, this fixed the issue as soon as I referenced the frame

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