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#include <iostream>

enum IsOptionAEnum

enum IsOptionBEnum

void TestFunc(IsOptionAEnum optionA, IsOptionBEnum optionB)
    if (optionA == IsOptionA_YES || optionA == IsOptionB_YES) // typo
        // ...

    //if (optionA == IsOptionA_YES || optionB == IsOptionB_YES) // correct one


Question> optionA is of type IsOptionAEnum and doesn't have the value of IsOptionB_YES. Why does the compiler of VS2010 not find this error?

If it is the case where compiler cannot find the error, is there a way that I can enforce this restriction so that compiler can find the error?

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You can use enum classes instead – K-ballo Feb 4 '13 at 16:09
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Whilst the standard doesn't render this an error (enums are effectively syntax over integers), this is certainly something a compiler can detect. Clang, compiling with -Wenum-compare, gives:

Bonsai:~ adamw$ clang++ test.cpp 
    test.cpp:15:45: warning: comparison of two values with different enumeration
      types ('IsOptionAEnum' and 'IsOptionBEnum') [-Wenum-compare]
    if (optionA == IsOptionA_YES || optionA == IsOptionB_YES) // typo
                                    ~~~~~~~ ^  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It may be that Visual C++ doesn't warn about this by default. Try setting the /Wall flag on the compiler, which will enable all warnings. If it still doesn't warn, you can file a request with the VC compiler team.

Edit: As other answers and comments have mentioned, if you have a VC11, you can use Strongly typed enums.

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Pre-C++11, enum types do not provide the type-safety you are looking for, and are essentially pretty integers.

You want the strongly typed enum class:

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The non-C++11 solution is to use structs

struct IsOptionAEnum
    int val;
    static IsOptionAEnum IsOptionA_YES;
    static IsOptionAEnum IsOptionA_NO;

    IsOptionAEnum( int v ): val(v) {}


if( optionA == IsOptionAEnum::IsOptionA_YES ) // this is type-safe
    // etc.

It's possible to drop the internal value if you don't need it (you need to disable copying, always pass by reference and compare the addresses of the structs).

In C++11 you can use typed enums as Prashant has suggested.

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