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I am seeing inexplicably slow behavior from a sqlite database in Qt. The query in the code below, when executed from the sqlite command line utility on the same database, completes instantaneously.

qDebug() << "Beginning" << QDateTime::currentDateTime ().toString(Qt::ISODate);
QSqlQuery q(QSqlDatabase::database(mFilename));
q.prepare( "select TextFormIndex.Id from TextFormIndex,MorphologicalAnalysisMembers,Allomorph on TextFormId=Id and AllomorphId=Allomorph._id where LexicalEntryId=:Id;" );
q.bindValue(":Id", id);

QSet<qlonglong> textFormIds;
if( !q.exec()  )
    qWarning() << "DatabaseAdapter::lexicalEntryTextForms" << q.lastError().text() << q.executedQuery();
    return textFormIds;

qDebug() << "Before while" << QDateTime::currentDateTime ().toString(Qt::ISODate);
int nResults = 0;
while( q.next() )
    qDebug() << nResults++ << QDateTime::currentDateTime().toString(Qt::ISODate);
qDebug() << "After while";

The debug output form this code is:

Beginning "2013-02-04T20:31:24" 
Before while "2013-02-04T20:31:26" 
0 "2013-02-04T20:31:26" 
1 "2013-02-04T20:31:27" 
2 "2013-02-04T20:31:41" 
3 "2013-02-04T20:31:44" 
After while 

Somehow the third call is taking fourteen seconds.

This is a single method in a good-sized project. None of my queries have been executing slowly until this one.

create table if not exists TextFormIndex ( TextName text, LineNumber integer, Id integer );
create table if not exists MorphologicalAnalysisMembers ( _id integer primary key autoincrement, TextFormId integer, AllomorphId integer, AllomorphOrder integer );
create table if not exists Allomorph ( _id integer primary key autoincrement, LexicalEntryId integer, WritingSystem integer, Form text );

MorphologicalAnalysisMembers.AllomorphId corresponds to Allomorph._id. TextFormIndex.Id corresponds to MorphologicalAnalysisMembers.TextFormId.

MorphologicalAnalysisMembers has 4082 rows TextFormIndex has 17710 rows Allomorph has 1660 rows

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What is the structure of the three tables? How many records does each have, and how many of those are returned? –  CL. Feb 4 '13 at 16:56
I edited the question to add that information. –  user1447002 Feb 6 '13 at 9:07
Are you using the same SQLite version on the command line and in your program? –  CL. Feb 6 '13 at 10:08
Qt has 3.6.19. My command line version is 3.7.13. –  user1447002 Feb 7 '13 at 15:43
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1 Answer

It appears the SQLite version used in your Qt is too old.

Update to the latest Qt, or recompile Qt with a newer SQLite.

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I'm facing similar problem. Could you explain a bit more about the "SQLite version used is too old", or is that just a suggestion/guess? I have the problem with Qt 5.2.1, which presumably has pretty new SQLite too. –  hyde Mar 28 at 6:36
@hyde Use SELECT sqlite_version(); to compare the versions used by Qt and the command-line shell. –  CL. Mar 28 at 7:34
Thanks for the tip, for future. My issue was because of a missing index, solved now. –  hyde Mar 28 at 9:01
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