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In a Radgrid, how do I keep the add new record open when someone clicks the save button and I check to make sure the data is all in the correct format or valid? I want the add new record to stay open after I tell them the data is not valid and also keep the values they have already entered.

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in the edit template of the Grid, you can always use the Validators. The edit form will not post if the validators don't pass.

You can take a look at the following demo:


When you add a new record - notice that UnitPrice is a required field. if you don't enter that the update button wont fire the postback.

Hope this is useful.

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Figured it out.

protectedvoidrdgdr1_InsertCommand(objectsender, GridCommandEventArgs e)
    GridEditableItem editItem = (GridEditableItem)e.Item;
    TextBox OrderText=(TextBox)editItem["UniqueName"].Controls[0]


        //insert the data in the database
        e.Canceled = true;  
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