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I currently am comparing this in Safari and Firefox. A small image inside a div, which I need to center vertically.

Here is a simple test case that I have distilled down:

This one is probably even more simple:

1) Why do I need a space after the image in order to get any align css to work?

2) What can I do to get Safari to perfectly center, it is 1-2px too low, essentially lining up the top of the image with the text.


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Images are considered inline elements, so they're basically treated as text.

If you want exact positioning across browsers, the safest way is to use the image for a background, rather than an inline img element.

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Enclose the text in a span, and apply vertical-align to that as well.

HTML snippet:

<div class="right">
    <img src="action_check.png" width="16" height="16" class="status" alt="Data Ok" />
    <span>Chose a User Name</span>

CSS addition:

span { vertical-align: middle; }

Tested in recent versions of FF, IE, Safari, Chrome and Opera (Windows).

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Try the universal selector:

div * { vertical-align: middle }

or go old school (if you can) and use tables?

There's always a difference of few pixels in Safari (Mac) and browsers because of the way safari renders text. Read about it here.

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Yeah, that vertical-align is what I am using, and it is a few off. I am finding a css declaration with a bg image set to center is a perfect way to get what I want. Thanks for the link. – user170579 Sep 24 '09 at 22:00
* matches only elements, not text nodes, so you'd need to wrap the text in a span. See also my answer. – Stewart Oct 9 '09 at 19:58

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