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I'm using elastic search to enhance search capabilities in my app. Search is working perfectly, however sorting is not for fields with multiple words.

When I try to sort the search by log 'message', I was getting the error:

"Can't sort on string types with more than one value per doc, or more than one token per field"

I googled the error and find out that I can use multi-fields mapping on the :message field (one analyzed and the other one not) to sort them. So I did this:

class Log < ActiveRecord::Base
  include Tire::Model::Search
  include Tire::Model::Callbacks

  tire.mapping do
    indexes :id, index: :not_analyzed
    indexes :source, type: 'string'
    indexes :level, type: 'string'
    indexes :created_at, :type => 'date', :include_in_all => false
    indexes :updated_at, :type => 'date', :include_in_all => false
    indexes :message, type: 'multi_field', fields: { 
      analyzed: {type: 'string', index: 'analyzed'},
      message: {type: 'string', index: :not_analyzed} 
    indexes :domain, type: 'keyword'

But, for some reason is not passing this mapping to ES.

rails console
Log.index.delete #=> true
Log.index.create #=> 200 : {"ok":true,"acknowledged":true}
Log.index.import Log.all #=> 200 : {"took":243,"items":[{"index":{"_index":"logs","_type":"log","_id":"5 ... ...

# Index mapping for :message is not the multi-field 
# as I created in the Log model... why?

=> {"log"=>
    {"created_at"=>{"type"=>"date", "format"=>"dateOptionalTime"},
     "updated_at"=>{"type"=>"date", "format"=>"dateOptionalTime"}}}}

# However if I do a Log.mapping I can see the multi-field
# how I can fix that and pass the mapping correctly to ES? 

=> {:id=>{:index=>:not_analyzed, :type=>"string"},
 :created_at=>{:type=>"date", :include_in_all=>false},
 :updated_at=>{:type=>"date", :include_in_all=>false},
    {:message=>{:type=>"string", :index=>"analyzed"},
     :untouched=>{:type=>"string", :index=>:not_analyzed}}},

So, Log.index.mapping is the current mapping in ES which doesn't contain the multi-field that I created. Am I missing something? and why the multi-field is shown in Log.mapping but not in Log.index.mapping?

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I have changed the workflow from:

Log.index.delete; Log.index.create; Log.import


Log.index.delete; Log.create_elasticsearch_index; Log.import

The MyModel.create_elasticsearch_index creates the index with proper mapping from model definition. See Tire's issue #613.

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maybe you should accept your answer :) – karmi Feb 4 '13 at 22:58
Running these in a rails console also made it easy for me to diagnose an error that was preventing my index from being updated so thanks for that. – user1116573 Sep 25 '13 at 20:47

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