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I found this tutorial :

But Im stuck in step 3

What I did was this :

  1. svnadmin create /root/cinnamon-for-crux
  2. svn import /root/cinnamon file:///root/cinnamon-for-crux

Now step 3 schould be according to the tutorial: svn co /root/cinnamon-for-crux. but then I get a message wrong arguments.

Anyone who can tell me how I can make this work so cinnamon-for-crux will be a svn repo with all the data and the contents of cinnamon in it?

Edit 1: So svn co file:///cinnamon-for-crux schould work

Edit 2: If I did the command from edit 1 svn co file://cinnamon-for-crux I see these error messages:

svn: E1800001: Unable to connect to a repo at url 'file:///cinnamon-for-crux' 
svn : E1800001 : Unable to open a ra-local session to URL
svn: E1800001: Unable to open repo at url 'file:///cinnamon-for-crux

Edit 3: it works. Can anyone tell me what the command is to upload the local tree to my page on googlecode ?

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Do you get svn: E205000: Error parsing arguments by chance? Error messages are important, always quote them properly. – Álvaro González Feb 4 '13 at 16:45
/cinnamon-for-crux != /root/cinnamon-for-crux – Álvaro González Feb 4 '13 at 17:17

Repository paths are always URLs. You need to use file:///root/cinnamon-for-crux.

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