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I have a Solution where one project is the Data layer and the other project is the web front-end, which has the DL project as a reference. DL project have its own app.config file which stores connection strings used by Linq-to -Sql (.dbml) file. The web front end also has a web.Config file where it has its own settings.

How Do I need to make the DL project to use the connection string from Web.config file of Web front end and not from the app.config file?

Basically, if I refer the Data Layer in any WebApp, it would pick the values from web.config and not from the app.config file in the DL project

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I would go for a solution not using .config files. But that is just me. –  CodingBarfield Feb 4 '13 at 16:45

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Copy the relevant configuration from the DL .config file into the web.config file. It should work that way.

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