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How within a batch file to check if command

start "" javaw -jar %~p0/example.jar

was successful or produced an error?

I want to use if/else statements to echo this info out.

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You can use

if errorlevel 1 echo Unsuccessful

in some cases. This depends on the last command returning a proper exit code. You won't be able to tell that there is anything wrong if your program returns normally even if there was an abnormal condition.

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This likely doesn't work with start, as that starts a new window, but to answer your question:

If the command returns a error level you can check the following ways

By Specific Error Level

if %errorlevel%==131 echo do something

By If Any Error

commandhere || echo what to do if error level ISN'T 0

By If No Error

commandhere && echo what to do if error level IS 0

If it does not return a error level but does give output, you can catch it in a variable and determine by the output, example (note the tokens and delims are just examples and would likely fail with any special characters)

By Parsing Full Output

for /f "tokens=* delims=" %%a in ('somecommand') do set output=%%a
if %output%==whateveritwouldsayinerror echo error

Or you could just look for a single phrase in the output like the word Error

By Checking For String

commandhere | find "Error" || echo There was no error!
commandhere | find "Error" && echo There was an error!

And you could even mix together (just remember to escape | with ^| if in a for statement)

Hope this helps.

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Most commands/programs return a 0 on success and some other value, called errorlevel, to signal an error.

You can check for this in you batch for example by:

if %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 goto :next
echo "Errors encountered during execution.  Exited with status: %errorlevel%"
goto :endofscript

echo "Doing the next thing"

echo "Script complete"
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I don't know if javaw will write to the %errorlevel% variable, but it might.

echo %errorlevel% after you run it directly to see.

Other than that, you can pipe the output of javaw to a file, then use find to see what the results were. Without knowing the output of it, I can't really help you with that.

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