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May I ask for some clarification on what sorts of projects can be successfully deployed to vcap_dev please? What I'd like to deploy is a dynamic web project that includes java and javascript, but that appears to not be allowed. Is it possible to include javascript/html/css artifacts in a deployed app? If so, what project type should I use?

Thanks, John

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You can use the vmc command line tool to see what runtimes and frameworks are supported in your vcap_dev setup. The commands are slightly different depending on the version of vmc you install:

  • use vmc runtimes or vmc info --runtimes to see what runtimes are supported
  • use vmc frameworks or vmc info --frameworks to see what frameworks are supported

This question was also posted to the vcap Google group, see that thread for additional details.

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You can use the spring framework by installing the Cloud Foundry Integration Extension for SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) and Eclipse (http://docs.cloudfoundry.com/tools/STS/configuring-STS.html). Then you can add javascript / css / html files as resources.

Let me know if that answers your question.



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