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I want to include all the ruby files in a directory that implement the function toto().

In python I will do:

res = []
for f in glob.glob("*.py"):
  i = __import__(f)
  if "toto" in dir(i):

and I could use the list like this:

for toto in res:
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In Ruby imports are very different than in Python - in Python files and modules are more or less the same thing, in Ruby they are not. You'll have to create your modules manually:

res = []
Dir.glob("*.rb") do |file|
  # Construct a class based on what is in the file,
  # and create an instance of it
  mod = Class.new do
    class_eval File.read file

  # Check if it has the toto method
  if mod.respond_to? :toto
    res << mod

# And call it
res.each do |mod|

Or maybe more Ruby idiomatic:

res = Dir.glob("*.rb").map do |file|
  # Convert to an object based on the file
  Class.new do
    class_eval File.read file
end.select do |mod|
  # Choose the ones that have a toto method
  mod.respond_to? :toto

# Later, call them:
res.each &:toto
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