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I utilise the following code to put a route overlay onto an OSM droid map, using code gotten from the following tutorial ( but slightly tweaked into a custom method, rather than being used in the OnCrerate method.

Now this does route and produces a green overlay on the map. However, there is a problem exhibited from the For Loop onwards. This is because road.mNodes is always size zero indicating that no instructions are coming down.

Incidently I also inspected RoadNodes and RoadItems and both were also size zero. This means the bubbles (ExtendedOVerlayItems) are never displayed on the route.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

 *  Add a route overlay between two geopoints with Bubble overlays on the route points.
 * @param startPoint Route start.
 * @param endPoint Route end.
public void addRouteOverlay(GeoPoint startPoint, GeoPoint endPoint)
     //1 Routing via road manager
    RoadManager roadManager = new OSRMRoadManager();

    //Then, retreive the road between your start and end point:
    ArrayList<GeoPoint> waypoints = new ArrayList<GeoPoint>();
    waypoints.add(endPoint); //end point

    Road road = roadManager.getRoad(waypoints);

    // then, build an overlay with the route shape:
    PathOverlay roadOverlay = RoadManager.buildRoadOverlay(road, map.getContext());

    //Add Route Overlays into map

    map.invalidate();//refesh map

    Drawable    marker = ctx.getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.map_marker_blue);

    final ArrayList<ExtendedOverlayItem> roadItems = 
              new ArrayList<ExtendedOverlayItem>();
            ItemizedOverlayWithBubble<ExtendedOverlayItem> roadNodes = 
              new ItemizedOverlayWithBubble<ExtendedOverlayItem>(ctx, roadItems, map);

      for (int i=0; i<road.mNodes.size(); i++)
              RoadNode node = road.mNodes.get(i);
              ExtendedOverlayItem nodeMarker = new ExtendedOverlayItem("Step "+i, "", node.mLocation, ctx);

              nodeMarker.setSubDescription(road.getLengthDurationText(node.mLength, node.mDuration));
              Drawable icon = ctx.getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.ic_continue);

      }//end for


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Did you find a solution Andrew? – user1840255 Nov 20 '13 at 9:15
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I had this problem today and managed to solve it. The problem lies with an old version of the bonus pack. I updated to version osmbonuspack_v4.1.jar from osmbonuspack_v3.8.jar and it solved the problem. I also used the MapQuestRoadManager() option as opposed to the OSRMRoadManager().However, its worth bearing in mind that when doing this a few of the super type methods changed in the bonus pack - such as the onOpen() method on ExtendedOverlayItem required its parameter to be cast after calling.

final RoadManager manager= new MapQuestRoadManager();
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I have not tested this, and in the end did not develop this feature in the final application. However, your suggestion sounds plausible. – Andrew S Nov 29 '13 at 17:48

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