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I want to start a program with C# (could use Process.Start()). Then my program should wait until the started program is closed, before it continues.
How do I do this?

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After your Start() call, add: use Process.WaitForExit()

Process myProcess = new Process(...);
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You can't pass any arguments to the constructor like you can with the static Start method, however you can supply them using the StartInfo property, e.g. var p = new Process { StartInfo = { FileName = @"cmd.exe", Arguments = ... UseShellExecute = false }, }; p.Start(); p.WaitForExit(); p.Close(); –  Rob Sedgwick Jan 6 at 9:50

There are two mechanism. You can either hook the Process.Exited event or what you probably really want is to call Process.WaitForExit().



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