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I have a nested Select statement in a PHP script. If the statement returns false, I want the script to jump to the end or the beginning to the first Select statement and start over. I do not want to use a GOTO statement.

Like this:

$Quest = "SELECT * FROM `$System` WHERE TechNum = '$TechNum' && WorkDate = '$IncDate'";
$SelectSystemResult = mysql_query($Quest, $cxn)
or ??????
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Show the surrounding code, it's hard to tell from what you've posted. – Ja͢ck Feb 4 '13 at 17:50
mysql_query will NOT return false if the SELECT is valid and the result is an empty resultset. It will return false ON ERROR. – user20232359723568423357842364 Feb 4 '13 at 17:52

Simply use the loop of your choice:

$done = false;
    // Prior code goes here

    $SelectSystemResult = mysql_query($Quest, $cxn);
         // Process $SelectSystemResult here
         $done = true;
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You want a while loop, with a continue statement.

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How about...

while (($res = mysql_query($sql)) == FALSE) {}

Also consider using a loop counter to ensure that the loop doesn't run infinitely and maybe using the PDO or mysqli API instead of the deprecated mysql API.

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