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We are using the Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS to create a native iPhone app that uses OAuth to log in to a SFDC org.

After the app is uninstalled and re-installed the application currently logs in successfully with the OAuth token provided prior to the uninstall.

E.g. Timeline

  • Download and install first time
  • Provide login credentials
  • Log in successfully
  • Uninstall app
  • Cleared browsing history, cookies and data from Safari
  • Download and install app again
  • Try to log in
  • Log in happens without the need to supply log in credentials again

Question: Where is the SDK storing the token, can we delete it or null it on uninstall of the app? Is this expected behaviour?

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Hi Did you get any solution for this ? –  singhSan Jul 8 '13 at 6:32

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The information will be stored on the device's keychain see and so will persist if you do not tell it to be removed when you uninstall the application. A good discussion of this can be found on a different thread here.


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