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The iOS guideline requires launch image for all apps. To my understanding, that's a "default.png" file located in the root folder of your app.
I packaged my app using Sencha CMD v3 and I don't see any launch image while loading.
There are some default launch images located in root/webapp/resources/loading/ folder but they are not showed in my app. Any idea?

The "startupImage" seems only appliable to the app added to the home screen, anyway, here is a part of my app.js:

startupImage: {
    '320x460': 'resources/startup/320x460.jpg',
    '640x920': 'resources/startup/640x920.png',
    '768x1004': 'resources/startup/768x1004.png',
    '748x1024': 'resources/startup/748x1024.png',
    '1536x2008': 'resources/startup/1536x2008.png',
    '1496x2048': 'resources/startup/1496x2048.png'

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this startup image is ony when it is hosted as a website, i you want to add startup image on android then you have to use splash screen for android. –  Mayur Mar 1 '13 at 6:12
I've been using 'phoneStartupScreen' and 'tabletStartupScreen' properties, they definitely work. I need to figure out an alternative though as this doesn't help for iphone 5... –  Adam Marshall Aug 13 '13 at 8:49

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I have this at the beginning of my application - I'm not packaging it for iOS, but this seems like what you may need:


// Main application entry point
    phoneStartupScreen: 'images/sencha_logo.png',
    name: 'Analytics',

// setup our MVC items

Here is a handy-dandy link to the api doc on this:!/api/

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For launch image you need to modify the index.html in your app directory. In here you will find a div with id appLoadingIndicator inside body tag. In my application I have replaced the content of #appLoadingIndicator with an img tag which refers to my splash image.

<div id="appLoadingIndicator">
  <img src="resources/images/splash.png" /> 

For customizing the css you might want to remove the default embedded styles in index.html present in style tag inside the head tag which are applied to #appLoadingIndicator.

Now add your custom css and you will have your splash image ready.

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After testing I found out that splash screen was not visible in android phone. So added phoneStartupScreen: variable in app.js and it worked fine. Follow the url:!/api/… for more details. –  Bimal Aug 19 '13 at 6:01

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