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My client had multiple top-level-domains. Each one represented an insurance program within a specific vertical. For all the sites at these alternate domains, there was a 30/70 mix of duplicate vs. original content. Some of the alternate domains ranked very well for their target keyphrase groups, where others were absent in results pages. We advised the client to merge multiple domains into their existing main domain, for usability and SEO reasons.

We recently ran the merger. Here was our process:

On the main domain, transfer the content such that it matches 1-for-1 content on the various alternate domains Setup Google Webmaster tools on the main domain Push the new content on the main domain live and submit a corresponding sitemap to Google Establish 301 redirects on the alternate domains, such that each alternate domain URL points to its respective page on the main domain We did this 12 days ago, and pages (previously on the alternate domains) that had ranked well on Google have now plummeted or are entirely non-existent.

Did we do the right thing by merging multiple top-level domains into a single domain? Is this initial dip in rankings normal? How soon should we expect to see it return to its normal rankings?

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this probably belongs on webmasters ... –  Martin Feb 4 '13 at 18:07
do the pages you merged to the main domain have any internal links to them or are they orphan pages? –  Tiggerito Feb 8 '13 at 13:21
@tiggerito - They had plenty of internal links to them. Furthermore, they had a lot of duplicate content. Each alternate domain had some original content, but also general copy that was the same for each of them. We saw that as a problem. –  Jared Brickman Feb 9 '13 at 15:37

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You had done the things that had to be done for merging those domains. To my experiences the ranking of the new target domain should rise again. There is no general answer how long this can take. Into the calculation of ranking many factors play a role for example the age of the domain. Maybe it would have been better just to migrate one domain after each other to gain some experiences how the big G will treat those changes. Carefully look into your traffic statistic to find some unnormal changes to get some hints if there was missing something. Be prepared that you have to keep the old domains "forever"

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