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This is probably a weird way of coding, but I am trying to do it nonetheless.

I have a few defines:

#define kVar1 @"bla bla"
#define kVar2 @"wahey"
#define kVar3 @"Unicorn"

And in a method I'd like to call a function that returns either one of these kVar's. Something like

    -(void)method {

    int i = 1 + arc4random() %10;   
unicorn.text = [self getVarValue:i];


And I want to make getVarValue function, problem is I don't know how, and no idea what keyword to search for in google either since I don't know what is this thing called.

-(????)getVarValue:(int) i {

   switch(i) {
      case 1: return kVar1; break;
      case 2: return kVar2; break;
      case 3: return kVar3; break;
      default: return kVar1; break;



What to put in that "????" Does such thing even exist? Thanks

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Remember that #defines are completely absorbed by the preprocessor. All text substitution is done by the time the real compiler runs. So your code is identical to as if you had done case 1: return @"bla bla"; break; etc. –  Oliver Charlesworth Feb 4 '13 at 18:12

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It's a pointer to an NSString. You signature should look like -(NSString *)getVarValue:(int) i.

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Boom! You are right, sir. Thank you. –  Rocotilos Feb 4 '13 at 18:15

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