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I made a DataSet.xds file with VS wizard. Select part of tables works properly. Now I want update a record from a table, I used codes below.

private void AuthorsTableAdapter(DataRow changedDataRow)

            authorsTableAdapter adapter = new authorsTableAdapter();

This code can change the record and I can see the changes in for example DataGridView, but when I check the DataBase file or restart the application I realize the record(s) doesn't changed! That Update method just changed records in memory not in DataBase file. Any solution?

Sorry for my English and many thanks for your help.

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Is the UpdateCommand property of the adapter populated?

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All Select, Insert, Delete and Update commands are generated. Thanks for your attention. –  Parham.D Feb 5 '13 at 5:00

I deleted the DataSet and then make it again without set a copy of database file in project. When you set a copy of database file in project, in every new solution building that database file will copy again. That was the problem!

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