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I have a report that is being passed parameters through the URL, but would like to have the report load by default before the user has to click the 'View Report' button. I have rs:Command=Render in the URL but this doesn't seem to be doing it. Is there another tag that I am missing here? The URL is currently as follows:


The report comes up with the appropriate values selected by default, as passed above, but it does not run until I hit View Report. Do I need to specify all the other parameters in the report through the URL in order for it to run by default, even though those parameters already have default values?

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try "servername/Reports"; – Shawn Feb 11 '13 at 22:33

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Found it, the report renders automatically as long as all parameters have a 'Default' value specified. Two text parameters in the report needed to have their default expressions set to =""

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