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I need to configure a SQL Server 2008R2 link server that goes to one database which is principal and has a mirror failover database. For example I'm in server A that needs to perform a query in server B and in case of failover goes to server C. I create a link server named MyLinkS

I'm trying to configure the link server using this connection string:

Server=B;Failover Partner=C;Initial Catalog=MyDatabase;Integrated Security=True;

When I'm in server A I'm doing this query:

Select Name from [MyLinkS].[MyDatabase].[dbo].[MyTable] where Name = 'Jhon'

When Server B is Principal, the query works, but when I change to be the mirror, it doesn't work, it said that "It is in the middle of a restore".

How can I use the same query as before using one or the other server depending if B is principal or mirror? Thank you

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Maybe it will work for you:

  1. Create SYNONYM for table on server B.
  2. Create another SYNONYM for table on server C.
  3. Use TRY/CATCH for your select - select from B in TRY block and select from C in CATCH block.
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