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I use vim-powerline plugin to customize the vim status line. As of now, the status line displays a + when the current buffer is modified. When I switch to a un modified buffer I can no longer tell if there is a modified buffer in the project. Currently, I use the :files or :buffers command to locate the modified buffers.

Is it possible to customize the status line to display an indicator when there is a modified file in the buffers(even when the buffer is not current).

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It's a great idea, and it shouldn't be too difficult to implement. I recommend that you switch to the new Powerline project, and submit an issue in the issue tracker there. I don't follow up on issues posted elsewhere, so please use the official issue tracker.

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Thanks for building a great plugin. I have added an issue at github for this enhancement request.( – Harish Shetty Feb 5 '13 at 18:43

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