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Working on plone and am just getting experience with it. In my portlet I am currently editing a static text portlet to look like an RSS feed (so I can have some customization with my news items). I've gotten the format to work perfectly - with the exception of removing the underline from the hyperlink. I've tried using methods from all the different forums with CSS and HTML's not working. Anyone able to help?

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What did you try with CSS? It's just a question of finding the right CSS selector, as Matheus is trying to show you. – Martijn Pieters Feb 4 '13 at 21:34

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Use FireFox + FireBug to find which css property is used on portlet hyperlink. Probably you wrote a property too general and one more specific is used. Take a look:

    .portlet a {text-decoration: underline;}
    a {text-decoration: none;}
<div class="portlet">
    <a href="#">1</a>

Hyperlink will be underline because the first css property has a more specific "path".

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