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I am a .Net developer (with not much experience) and learning Hadoop now. However my preference is to strike Hive, I just wanted to touch java code and get familiar with Eclipse first.

I was trying to write Driver code to run and Map Reduce job. But when I tried to create JobConf object I am getting syntax error.

JobConf conf = new JobConf(MaxTemperature.class);

As a developer I can guess it is a issue with some missing libraries. But really not sure where should get those libraries from. Can anyone help me please?? Treat me as a beginner and I am really uncomfortable with eclipse for now. I can't even find a solution explorer (of Visual Studio) in eclipse. Please help.


If I run into similar problem tomorrow, please also try guiding me to get missing libraries specially for Hadoop.

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I suggest grabbing an eclipse tutorial or watch a screencast.

In Eclipse, every line with a red scribble has an icon on the left which displays the error message. Clicking on it will pop up some suggested fixes to the problem.

The shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + O automatically adds missing import statements. In case the class JobConf is not found, you should first add hadoop-core-x.jar to the classpath of your project.

If in doubt you can find missing JARs using http://www.findjar.com. Just type in the missing class and it will suggest some JARs.

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Check this blog on how to develop/debug Hadoop applications in Eclipse. The blog also includes for a simple MapReduce program.

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