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So I want various aspects of my theme to change depending on the most recent post. Any idea how I could do it?

I would prefer it to be by using on of the tumblr custom {html tag} things, rather than javascript or whatever. Don't know if that's even allowed on tumblr either.

Theme Documents are here:


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in the first post, in the according type block (block text, block photo, etc..) put custom css that overrides the default style, and you're done

{block:Post[1-15]} {/block:Post[1-15]} Rendered for the post at the specified offset. This makes it possible to insert an advertisement or design element in the middle of your posts.

Example: {block:Post5}I'm the fifth post!{/block:Post5} will only be rendered on the fifth post being displayed.

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You can get your most recent posts as JSON, so you can have a bit of JavaScript which would get the most recent posts then apply some extra CSS magic.

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