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I would like to create multiple scatterplots with lines joining all the point in each hospital group.

> head(

        pred   base hospital
1 -1.4273910 -2.596        1
2 -0.7296839 -1.595        1
3 -0.6606799 -1.496        1
4 -0.5993430 -1.408        1
5 -0.5380061 -1.320        1
6 -0.4766692 -1.232        1

My attempt so far is :

require(ggplot2) <- read.csv("")
ggplot(, aes(x=base, y=pred, color=hospital)) + geom_point(shape=1) +

But I have been unable to join the dots in each group. geom_line() does not seem to work - it joins all the point, rather than joining the points in each hospital group seperately (and with the same colour as the point for each group)

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You should add argument group=hospital to function ggplot() to join points.

ggplot(, aes(x=base, y=pred, color=hospital,group=hospital)) + geom_point(shape=1) +
 geom_line()+ theme(legend.position="none")
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Interestingly, looking at ?geom_line is seems like it could use a more obvious example illustrating the use of group than the one at the very end. (I guess there's one at the beginning, too...) – joran Feb 4 '13 at 20:12

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