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Are there any static or dynamic code analysis tools that analyze XSLT/XSL code?

The resources I have been able to find so far are: 1. Oxygen xml editor 2. which looks faily basic in its capabilities

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XML parsers and DTD validators already check syntax and some semantics of XML documents. What kind of analysis results do you want? – Ira Baxter Sep 26 '09 at 14:29

There are quite a few testing tools and verifiers at Tony Graham's XSLT Testing Tools page. If you haven't looked there, it's a fairly comprehensive list.

Using Saxon in schema-aware mode will catch many common errors.

You've already discovered Mukul Gandhi's XSL Quality tools, which support user-added extensions. On the xsl-list run by Mulberry Technologies a while back, several other people contributed ideas for new rules also. You might also get help asking there.

Stylus Studio, Oxygen and xmlspy have profilers for run-time performance.

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XML Spy includes an XSLT profiler. That should fulfil your dynamic analysis needs if you can afford it.

There is also StylusStudio, a plugin for VisualStudio and CatchXSL (which is free).

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