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(from MT examples)

I have a simple dialog which shows a list of desserts. When the desserts is taped the list appears. However, the style of the list of deserts is not the same as the main view where I have a background view set for the tableview.

Is there a way to style the deserts list tableview background?

var root = new RootElement ("Meals") {
new Section ("Dinner"){
        new RootElement ("Dessert", new RadioGroup ("dessert", 2)) {
            new Section () {
                new RadioElement ("Ice Cream", "dessert"),
                new RadioElement ("Milkshake", "dessert"),
                new RadioElement ("Chocolate Cake", "dessert")
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You will need to create a subclass of RootElement, and override the PrepareDialogViewController method which is invoked before the controller is presented. That is where you can customize the background.

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Awesome, I thought it might be something simple like that. –  BahaiResearch.com Feb 8 '13 at 0:26

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