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My server provides SSL connections via https, although the certificate costs extra...

Is there anything that needs to be changed in the PHP code to utilize this protocol?

My site has:

  • ajax forms via POST
  • regular forms and pages using POST and GET parameters
  • Session variables
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no you dont need to change your code – Ibu Feb 4 '13 at 20:44
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You should be good to go. PHP does not impact the use of SSL or not.

Things you should check are:

  • Are all URLS in you application relative (no http://)
  • Are assets (CSS/JS/IMG) used in your site (both from internal and external sources) also as relative paths or prefixed with https://

Having an asset without https:// in a SSL powered site, the browsers will warn you visitors that something ain't right.

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thanks, all very good answers! – allanx2000 Feb 5 '13 at 2:19

Other than any hard-coded URLs, no, your code shouldn't know about the difference, nor care.

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The code does not need to be changed, other than to change all links from http:// to https:// (seriously, don't forget that, else you aren't using SSL...)

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I'd have to say the same as mvbrakel, but as far as session cookies/cookies you will want to turn on HTTPS only if you are using https on ALL your pages.

Also adding HTTP only to cookies, js scripts won't be able to check value and such.

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