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var id = "";
    jQuery('.menu li a').mouseover( function(e){

     if( jQuery(this).hasClass('tab') ){
      if ( id != '#'+jQuery(this).attr('rel') )
       id = "";
       jQuery('.menu li a').removeClass('actif');
       id = '#'+jQuery(this).attr('rel');
       jQuery('.menu li a').removeClass('actif');
     }).mouseout( function(e){
        if (!jQuery(this).hasClass('tab')) {
        id = "";
        jQuery('.menu li a').removeClass('actif');

I would like to get this working but I am also wanting to know why it is not working correctly. I and another dev are working on this. Menu drops down but it doesnt come back up until we hover another menu item and THEN mouseout.

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Is it possible that whatever you're hovering over doesn't have the class tab? What is id once you try to mouse out? – Explosion Pills Feb 4 '13 at 20:57
Can you explain the need for the tab class. What wouldn't have it and why? – shubniggurath Feb 4 '13 at 21:29

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