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I have several data frames that contain all of the same column names. I want to append them into a master data frame. I also want to create a column that denotes the original field and then flood it with the original data frames name. I have some code that works.

df_combine = df_breakfast.copy()
df_combine['X_ORIG_DF'] = 'Breakfast'
df_combine = df_combine.append(df_lunch, ignore_index=True)
df_combine['X_ORIG_DF'] = df_combine['X_ORIG_DF'].fillna('Lunch')
# Rinse and repeat

However, it seems inelegant. I was hoping someone could point me to a more elegant solution. Thank you in advance for your time!

Note: Edited to reflect comment!

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Note: your first line is overridden by the second, and the third line changes df_breakfast, which may or may not be acceptable... – Andy Hayden Feb 4 '13 at 21:47
The first line was a copy mistake but the second was a real mistake! Thank you for the catch! – BigHandsome Feb 4 '13 at 21:54
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I would definitely consider restructuring you data in a way the names can be accessed neatly rather than as variable names (if they must be separate to begin with).
For example a dictionary:

d = {'breakfast': df_breakfast, 'lunch': df_lunch}

Create a function to give each DataFrame a new column:

def add_col(df, col_name, col_entry):
    df = df.copy() # so as not to change df_lunch etc.
    df[col_name] = col_entry
    return df

and combine the list of DataFrame each with the appended column ('X_ORIG_DF'):

In [3]: df_combine = pd.DataFrame().append(list(add_col(v, 'X_ORIG_DF', k)
                                           for k, v in d.items()))
   0  1  X_ORIG_DF
0  1  2      lunch
1  3  4      lunch
0  1  2  breakfast
1  3  4  breakfast

In this example: df_lunch = df_breakfast = pd.DataFrame([[1, 2], [3, 4]]).

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I've encountered a similar problem as you when trying to combine multiple files together for the purpose of analysis in a master dataframe. Here is one method for creating that master dataframe by loading each dataframe independently, giving them each an identifier in a column called 'ID' and combining them. If your data is a list of files in a directory called datadir I would do the following:

import os
import pandas as pd

data_list = os.listdir(datadir)
df_dict = {}

for data_file in data_list:
    df = read_table(data_file)
    #add an ID column based on the file name.
    #you could use some other naming scheme of course 
    df['ID'] = data_file
    df_dict[data_file] = df

#the concat function is great for combining lots of dfs. 
#it takes a list of dfs as an argument.
combined_df_with_named_column = pd.concat(df_dict.values())
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