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I am trying to change the color of the border on the bottom of the 5 div's class="Hoofdstuk" using a .click event from jQuery. As you can see in the following link:


As you can see it is not working. Here is the HTML code:

<div class="Hoofdstuk" id="Introductie"></div>
<div class="Hoofdstuk" id="Content"></div>
<div class="Hoofdstuk" id="Interactie"></div>
<div class="Hoofdstuk" id="FrontEnd"></div>
<div class="Hoofdstuk" id="Projecten"></div>

Here is my jQuery code:

$('.Hoofdstuk').click(function () {
        'width': '55em'
        'width': '5em'
        'border-color': '#ffba00'
        'border-color': '#333'

And here is the CSS code:

.Hoofdstuk {
    width: 5em;
    height: 25em;
    float: left;
    border-width: 0.1em;
    border-bottom: #ffba00 solid 0.5em;

If anyone can see the problem in this, please let me know.

I thank you for your time.


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What does it do when you remove the base css border-bottom: attribute? –  shubniggurath Feb 4 '13 at 21:17
Created a jsfiddle with your code, and it changes the boarder as expected: fiddle –  Bernhard Poiss Feb 4 '13 at 21:18
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On your first .animate() - use .end() before moving on. This tells it to go back to the original selector (this), which could be the culprit. Otherwise, it will use siblings() as the current selector.

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God i love stackoverflow. Thanks a lot... Even thought it probably was a pretty st00pid question, you helped me a lot! –  Yonker Feb 4 '13 at 21:22
You're welcome. Not a stupid question. It's pretty easy to forget to use .end(). –  shubniggurath Feb 4 '13 at 21:31
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Try to .end() the chain

            .animate({'width': '55em'}).siblings().animate({'width':'5em'}).end()



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Without end() you can as an alternative keep them in order and do it like this:

$('.Hoofdstuk').click(function () {
    .animate({'width': '55em'})
    .css({'border-color': '#333'})
    .siblings().animate({'width': '5em'})
    .css({'border-color': '#ffba00'})

DEMO - this first then siblings

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