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I need help using De Morgan's law to derive an expression that is equivalent to

('A + B + 'C)D but uses only AND and NOT operations (but no OR operation).

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What is De Morgan's law? Read up about it - and the available transformations from OR to AND should be quite clear. Note that DM only directly covers P + Q or P * Q. Other boolean algebra - i.e. the associativity law - can be used to construct/deconstruct the expressions. Likewise, a TTL could be generated as a part of a proof showing that DM applies just as well to P + Q + R. –  user166390 Feb 4 '13 at 22:02

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First, ('A + B + 'C) = ''('A + B + 'C) = '(A * 'B * C).
So the result is, ('(A * 'B * C)) * D.

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