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I have task to insert dynamic data to Google PieChart.


In that link I insert this code:

function drawVisualization() {
// Create and populate the data table.
var data = google.visualization.DataTable();

var mycars=["Saab","Volvo","BMW"];
var mypoints=[4,12,45];

data.addColumn('string', 'Cars');
data.addColumn('number', 'Numbers'); 
for  (var i = 0; i < mycars.length; i++){
// Create and draw the visualization.
new google.visualization.PieChart(document.getElementById('visualization')).
draw(data, {title:"So, how was your day?"});

In the following example I get dynamic arrays mycars and mypoints, then I try to insert those arrays to chart within for loop.

PieChart isn't displaying. What's wrong with that?

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You have a javascript error. You need to use the new keyword when instantiating the DataTable.


var data = google.visualization.DataTable();


var data = new google.visualization.DataTable();
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Jeff, thank you very much for the help! –  Denisas Knelis Feb 5 '13 at 10:20

I resolved the problem using code in jquery like this :

google.load("visualization", "1", {
    packages: ["corechart"], callback: function () {
        var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([
                        ['Going', 'a Day'],
                        ['Car', 11],
                        ['Bus', 2],
                        ['Moto', 2]
        var options = {
                        title: 'Report',
                        backgroundColor: 'transparent',
                        is3D: true,

        var chart = new google.visualization.PieChart(document.getElementById('piechart_3d'));
        chart.draw(data, options);
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