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Is there a way to perform different routing in Rails' routes.rb depending on whether the request URL has a trailing slash? This seems difficult since the request object has its trailing slash removed, meaning a GET of has a request.url value of That behavior prevents matching using request-based constraints as well as route-globbing.

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One solution I've found is to use request.env["REQUEST_URI"], which contains the raw URL submitted with the request. Unfortunately, since it's not a direct string property of the request, it requires a custom matching object:

class TrailingSlashMatcher
  def matches?(request)
    uri = request.env["REQUEST_URI"]
    !!uri && uri.end_with?("/")

AppName::Application.routes.draw do
  match '/example/*path', constraints:, to: redirect("/somewhere/")

That seems like overkill, so hopefully someone has a more elegant approach.

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