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Say I have an array like this:

var arr = [
    {type:"orange", title:"First"},
    {type:"orange", title:"Second"},
    {type:"banana", title:"Third"},
    {type:"banana", title:"Fourth"}

and I want this to be split up into arrays that have objects that have the same type so:

[{type:"orange", title:"First"},
{type:"orange", title:"Second"}]

[{type:"banana", title:"Third"},
{type:"banana", title:"Fourth"}]

But I want to do this generically so not having an if statement that specifies orange or banana

// not like this
for (prop in arr){
    if (arr[prop] === "banana"){
       //add to new array

Thoughts? JQuery and Underscore are both options to use.

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thanks for that really helpful response. changed the equals signs. – Evan Feb 4 '13 at 22:02

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JQuery and Underscore are both options to use.

Have you read their docs? Underscore's groupBy does exactly what you need.

_.groupBy(arr, "type")
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This is an easy job for Array.reduce(...):

function groupBy(arr, property) {
  return arr.reduce(function(memo, x) {
    if (!memo[x[property]]) { memo[x[property]] = []; }
    return memo;
  }, {});

var o = groupBy(arr, 'type'); // => {orange:[...], banana:[...]}; // => [{"type":"orange","title":"First"},{"type":"orange","title":"Second"}]
o.banana; // => [{"type":"banana","title":"Third"},{"type":"banana","title":"Fourth"}]

Of course, if your target browser(s) do not support ECMAScript 262 5th edition then you'll have to implement "reduce" by yourself, or use a polyfill library, or choose another answer.

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Might want to also include a version which is compliant with more browsers. reduce is not supported by IE8-. – Travis J Feb 4 '13 at 22:08
@TravisJ: yes, true, if your target browsers don't support EMCAScript 262 5th edition then you'll need to implement your own "reduce" function or choose one of the other answers. – maerics Feb 4 '13 at 22:10

This assumes an array of objects:

function groupBy(array, property) {
    var hash = {};
    for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++) {
        if (!hash[array[i][property]]) hash[array[i][property]] = [];
    return hash;

groupBy(arr,'type')  // Object {orange: Array[2], banana: Array[2]}
groupBy(arr,'title') // Object {First: Array[1], Second: Array[1], Third: Array[1], Fourth: Array[1]}
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Just build a dictionary which holds the objects based on their title. You could do it like this:


var arr = [
{type:"orange", title:"First"},
 {type:"orange", title:"Second"},
 {type:"banana", title:"Third"},
 {type:"banana", title:"Fourth"}
var sorted = {};
for( var i = 0, max = arr.length; i < max ; i++ ){
 if( sorted[arr[i].type] == undefined ){
  sorted[arr[i].type] = [];

jsfiddle demo:

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