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How do I test that an alert box on my page was called? Can I grab the text of the alert box and evaluate it?

My click in CasperJS is done like this:

    function success() {
        this.test.comment("Submiting the bad login info");
    function fail() {

The UserLogin function checks and in this case, returns this:

alert('Login has failed.');

How do I check this?

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You have to listen to the remote.alert event:

casper.on('remote.alert', function(message) {
    this.echo('alert message: ' + message);
    // or if you want to test it
    this.test.assertMatch(message, /Login has failed/);

An attempt to make it a bit more synchronous:

function testAlert(message) {
    this.test.assertMatch(message, /Login has failed/);

casper.then(function() {
    // temporarily registering listener
    this.on('remote.alert', testAlert);

casper.waitForSelector('#login', function success() {
    this.test.pass('selector was found');"#login");
}, function fail() {'selector was found');

casper.then(function() {
    this.removeListener('remote.alert', testAlert);
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Version 1.1-beta4 provides the casper.waitForAlert function. With it you can write nicer tests when you need to react to different alerts on the page.

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