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I would like to substitute every commas happen to be between two specific strings (DP & MQ) to semicolons.



expected output


I have variable number of fields before and after the DP & MQ so I thought sed would be the best. I don't want to substitute commas before DP or after MQ. Could any of you please help me I know that it should looks like this

sed 's/DP=.,.,.,.,MQ/DP=somethingMQ/g'

Thanks in advance

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This might work for you (GNU sed):

sed -r 's/DP.*MQ/\n&\n/;h;y/,/;/;G;s/.*\n(.*)\n.*\n(.*)\n.*\n/\2\1/' file

This sed idiom, marks the string in question (using newlines), copies the marked line, alters the string and then combines the original line with the altered string.

The marking of the string may have to be more specific i.e.:

sed -r 's/DP=[^=]*MQ=/\n&\n/;h;y/,/;/;G;s/.*\n(.*)\n.*\n(.*)\n.*\n/\2\1/' file

If only some of file may contain the string in question use:

sed -r '/DP=[^=]*MQ=/{s//\n&\n/;h;y/,/;/;G;s/.*\n(.*)\n.*\n(.*)\n.*\n/\2\1/}' file     
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Thanks for help it works for me – Loca Toney Feb 6 '13 at 11:35

if you have gnu sed: this should work with your example:

sed -r 's/(.*DP=)(.*)(MQ=.*)/echo -n \1;echo -n \2 \|tr "," ";"; echo -n \3/ge' input

test with your example

kent$  sed -r 's/(.*DP=)(.*)(MQ=.*)/echo -n \1;echo -n \2 \|tr "," ";"; echo -n \3/ge' <<<"0,0,0,DP=1,1,1,1,MQ=2,2,2"
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With awk , you can do like this(provided there are no more = there)

awk -F"=" '{gsub(",",";",$2); $1 = $1; print $1"="$2"="$3}' temp.txt



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below code will do:

awk -F"=" '{OFS="=";gsub(",",";",$2)}1'


> echo "0,0,0,DP=1,1,1,1,MQ=2,2,2" | awk -F"=" '{OFS="=";gsub(",",";",$2)}1'

or you can use:

perl -plne '$_=~/DP=(.*)MQ/;$a=$1;$a=~s/,/;/g;$_=~s/(.*DP=).*(MQ.*$)/$1$a$2/g'


> echo "0,0,0,DP=1,1,1,1,MQ=2,2,2" | perl -plne '$_=~/DP=(.*)MQ/;$a=$1;$a=~s/,/;/g;$_=~s/(.*DP=).*(MQ.*$)/$1$a$2/g'


perl -F"=" -ane '$F[1]=~s/,/;/g;print join "=",@F'


> echo "0,0,0,DP=1,1,1,1,MQ=2,2,2" | perl -F"=" -ane '$F[1]=~s/,/;/g;print join "=",@F'
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