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We are a few developers, working on Windows workstations, who have access to storage on a file server by means of a network drive (say X:). We cannot install any software on the server itself.

I was thinking of installing the Plastic server component on a workstation and configure the Plastic server to save to the X: drive. Is this possible?

A few SCM that I looked into have problems with network drives.

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Nothing prevents it in the administration guide.

The only issue would be a greater latency for the server in accessing the data over a network drive, as opposed to accessing the same data on a local drive.

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Thanks for your input. I previously went through the administration guide and also saw that no restriction was mentioned. I was kind of hoping for a confirmation that somebody tried this. We would be developing on local drives and would keep the repository on a network drive. We can live with latency. But from experience with Bazaar, SCM programs can have trouble handling file locks on network drives because of latency. –  Ross Feb 5 '13 at 16:03

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