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I try to understand and implement the MQTT-Client for node.js, which can be found at: http://jahbromo.blogspot.de/2011/12/client-mqttt-javascript.html

I keep getting:
var client = new mqtt.MQTTClient(1883,'','mirror');
TypeError: undefined is not a function

I'm relatively new to node.js I don't understand why node.js is giving this error

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So first of all it is worth knowing that that blog stole the content from the original author here: http://ceit.uq.edu.au/content/simple-mqtt-cient-nodejs

Yilun's code is on Github but hasn't been updated in a couple of years.


I would recommend taking a look at the mqttjs node module instead.


That has some good examples which enable you to create a client quite easily.

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