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Here is my code.

    $("body").prepend('<div id="loading"><span id="pagename"></span></div><div id="fade_wrapper">');
    $("body").append('</div> <!-- closing #fade_wrapper -->');

The problem is that chrome auto closes the open <div id="fade_wrapper"> so that the HTML looks like this:

<div id="loading"><span id="pagename"></span></div><div id="fade_wrapper"></div>

That closing DIV in the second code shouldn't be there. How can I wrap the entire page contents in a div using jquery?

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Use .wrapInner:

$("body").wrapInner('<div id="loading"...');

append and prepend don't work that way. You prepend/append nodes, not tags.

It seems like you want to prepend some separate HTML as well. No matter:

$("body").wrapInner('<div id="fade_wrapper">');
$("body").prepend('<div id="loading"><span id="pagename"></span></div>');

The .prepend is done second so that it will be outside of the wrapping.

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How do I open and close the command? $("body").wrapInner('<div id="fade_wrapper">'); doesn't close it. I'm off to read the API now. Found It: $('.inner').wrapInner('<div class="new" />'); Just needs a closing slash. –  user1424232 Feb 4 '13 at 23:27
@user1424232 you don't have to close tags like that; it's just part of the jQuery syntax for nodes. I agree it's a bit strange, but have to realize the difference between working with nodes and tags –  Explosion Pills Feb 4 '13 at 23:28

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