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I'm making a gem that adds commonly used gems for development such as the bullet gem.

I want to add to the application's development.rb config file so I can configure the bullet gem with out having to do that from in the application's config file.

From what I can tell the application's development config file is named spaced to the application name ("SomeApp::Application.configure"). So how would I best add this file dynamically from in a gem?

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Your best bet is probably to set your gem up as a rails engine by creating a class that inherits from Rails::Engine and making sure it gets included by the gem when it loads.

Within your engine, you can do any setup work as part of an initializer block:

module MyGem
  class Engine < Rails::Engine
    initializer "my_gem.setup_environment" do |app|
      case Rails.env
      when 'development'
        # do something
        # do something else
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With Railtie. You can access a config object which shared between other Railties and application:

class MyRailtie < Rails::Railtie
  config.to_prepare do
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So if I only wanted this to effect the development vars how would that work? – Digital Cake Feb 4 '13 at 23:57

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